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About Us

Breast Cancer is a disease that impacts millions of families every year.  In 2002, it hit the Martino family when 31 year old Tracy (Martino) Noe was diagnosed.  Two years later, sister Laura (Martino) Littner found herself facing the same battle.    People often ask this family, how did you come up with the idea for the Bunco for Breast Cancer fundraiser?  It was actually during one of Laura's chemotherapy treatments when their teary-eyed mother sat there staring at her daughters.  They thought, we can't go through this again.  Who's next?  Their other sister, their mom, their daughters?  It was with this realization that their passion was lit.  Susan Martino, along with her daughters, decided to take a stand and commit to help finding a cure.  The question was, how do they do it?  With the help of the Elburn Group, these women brainstormed that day and the Woodstock Bunco for Breast Cancer was born.

In 2005, the first Bunco for Breast Cancer event was held at Bull Valley Golf Club in Woodstock, Illinois.  The response from the community was overwhelming.  This first time effort hosted over 300 women and raised $15,000 to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was chosen as the recipient after much research.  This foundation puts 85 percent of the money it receives into breast cancer research.  In 2006, the location for the event changed to the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn in order to accommodate over 500 women.  In it's second year, Woodstock Bunco for Breast Cancer doubled its profits and netted $30,000, sending the monies to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for needed research.  In 2007, we filled the Holiday Inn with 560 women and beat our record, raising $40,000 for breast cancer research.  In 2008 , 650 women played bunco with us and we were able to send $50,000.  In 2009 we surpassed our own record and were thrilled to present BCRF with a check for $62,000!  In 2010 we hosted over 600 women and raised $65,000.  In 2011, our final year, we had over 600 women play again and raised a record $70,000!  That's over $325,000 raised in 7 years!!!

Last year, in 2012, our Remote Bunco events, community events and private donations came to a grand total of $30,000!!  Amazing results for not having the "main event"!